The Skinny on the Madhus Mini Sessions

Music, art, community and really good coffee. Celebrate all of these wonderful things in our warm & awesome community by taking part in the first-ever MADHUS MINI SESSIONS on Saturday October 4th @ Madhüs Café on Kingston Road.


Here’s the skinny:

Short lifestyle sessions of you and your loved ones enjoying the cozy & welcoming space at Madhüs – taking the Fender Rhodes for a test drive; banging on the (wooden) drums (depending on your age ;), blowing on the harmonica, reading a book (or having a tickle fight) or just chilling on the big comfy couch.

After 20-30 minutes – you’re all done! And you can reward yourselves with the best mocha this side of Woodbine and a home-baked treat (all baked with love in-house).

A few days later, you’ll review your 5-7 hand-edited images and you will select your favourite to be printed on a beautiful, 16 x 20 bespoke natural wood print (hint: this is also a darn good time to order holiday cards – wouldn’t it be nice not to have to check that list twice?).

To tide you over, you’ll receive (and post) your custom Facebook timeline photo… and check it 5 times per day to see how many likes you get

A few few short weeks after you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with your friends and fam, you will return to Madhüs for a special launch party. There it will be – your favourite image up there on the walls – part of an official, week-long exhibition (bucket list = check).

Madhus 002

You’ll be so enamored with your print and so excited by having it in an exhibition that you may be tempted to take it off the walls and hide it in your coat on your way out – but you resist because you also want to win the grand prize full of goodies. Happy day – you can share your enthusiasm with your friends and family and win the contest!

You see – your image will also be posted on my website here – where you can spread the word about your piece electronically and invite your friends & fam to leave happy comments showing their appreciation for the cuteness of your clan.

You’ll also encourage your people to go right into Madhüs to see the beaut for themselves (and to grab one of those incredible mochas). They’ll be so happy you’ve introduced them to their new favourite coffee house. While they’re there – they can even comment on your image directly from their phones by scanning the QR code (those black square things) hung beside your artwork. Done and done.

You’ll also use your Madhüs gift card to have another mocha (you’re addicted now) and do some recon to encourage strangers are voting for your image too.

When you collect the most happy comments in the week the exhibition is on – you will win that grand prize! You’re on Cloud 9 and then you remember that you also get to take home your new family heirloom. It’s a good day.

The grand prize is so great that it practically makes it worth it to enter the contest alone! It includes:

And we may be adding more from other local shops before this is all said and done! Pretty sweet indeed.

So what are you waiting for? Nab one of those 8 spots now (update: only 6 left)! 

Pretty Please

For more details, check this out.

xoxo Lisa

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Hippity Hop…

Toronto Easter Baby Photographer

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.

Irish toast


One year ago, my little muse donned a shiny silver & green tiara in honor of this Irish day of celebration.   We’re not much for princess culture in our house but even I have to admit – it was pretty darn cute.  It also contributed to some of my favourite shots of her.  I loved them so much that I’ve used one of them on my business cards and other marketing pieces (you may recognize it!).


When I brought it out this year, her big blue eyes sparkled with delight!  What a difference a year makes.  She will be two in May and is not only fully mobile now but very verbal.  She was happy and easy going last year as well, but this year she could understand me and respond when I asked her to “please stand right… here.”  It’s pretty fantastic to see how much she has changed.

Irish Princess Lisa Tait Photography

My little toddler has also become quite the baker in the last little while.  What better way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with the under five crew than with some green cupcakes?  For an extra boost of green (and perhaps the illusion of making these treats a little healthier), we made mini zucchini & pecan cupcakes with bright green cream cheese frosting!  Delicious.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes St. Paddy's Day Photography Toronto Organic Cupcakes Toddler Baking

Here is the recipe if you’d like to bake some St. Paddy’s day treats with your own little leprechauns. 

So easy and so, so yummy!  We substituted organic red fife flour for all purpose without sacrificing taste.  I’m sure they would do well with a gluten-free flour too. We didn’t even need the luck of the Irish to make these a success!

St. Patrick's Day Photography Toronto

Are you doing anything to celebrate with the little leprechauns in your life?

xoxo Lisa

PS – Do you like to bake with your family?  An activity like this can be a super fun (and tasty!) way to do a photoshoot.  It documents some of the fun you get up to as a family and you barely even notice the camera is there!  Email me to book your kitchen party photo session 🙂

Yummy Kid Friendly Cupcakes Lisa Tait Photography

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a little tip on how I keep organized and get things done…

Lisa Tait Photography featured on Design Aglow


When you run your own business – you don’t just wear many hats, you wear ALL of them.  Throw in raising a family and having a life and it can get pretty crazy.  I recently found Design Aglow’s Big Picture Planner and it has been a game changer for me.  I highly recommend it for any small business owners who want to take charge of the chaos and translate it into success!  Check out my review on the Design Aglow blog today:

The Big Picture Lisa Tait Photography 003

The Big Picture Lisa Tait Photography 004

















The Big Picture Planner has been helping hundreds of photographers to stay organized and achieve their goals. We are ecstatic about the positive feedback we are receiving! Lisa of Lisa Tait Photography shares, “I’ve purchased many products from Design Aglow (and will likely purchase many more!) but this one has been the most fun to buy, customize and utilize. It totally satisfies my Type A left brain but still ignites my creative right brain. It’s the perfect union of form and function. I’ve been able to customize it to suit my branding and my needs (and wants!) – I’ve included a monthly check list, a blog schedule, a local business contacts page, some collage pages for free-thought and tactile clippings… and more. Even better, the Facebook group associated with this is full of positive, creative people who have even more incredible ideas for customization, how to use it and where to buy or make some of the accoutrements. This group has gone beyond the planner to become a supportive area for entrepreneurs to float ideas and discuss business challenges.

The tutorial and templates were easy to use and I love that there are InDesign files included with products like these – it make it so simple to change text and customize color.

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on where you have been and charge forward towards all you want to accomplish. Having a plan is essential to making this successful, but if you aren’t equipped to implement it then a plan can easily gather dust. Having a planner like the Big Picture Planner makes you want to use it. When you consult your plan – daily, weekly, monthly – it helps you stay on track. It allows you to be objective about your business and keep those blue sky items in mind while breaking down the everyday tasks it takes to get there. This thing is chock-full of useful tools that cover all gamuts of your business and keeps it all in one place – from big picture goal planning to marketing trackers to lists of recommended reading and even a place for income & expenses to help you stay on top of your funds…the Big Picture Planner is far more than a planner – it is a small business bible.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Where there is love, there is life.

Mahatma Gandhi

On this cold, snowy Valentine’s Friday I’d like to bring you a little bit of warmth by sharing a few little peaks into the Valentine Mini Sessions I shot a couple of weeks ago…

As many of you know, I primarily photograph babies (especially newborns), littles and families – and I am over the moon about it (!) – but did you know that I am also a huge fan of the canine species?  Like, ridiculously love these fur babies.  So, although I usually use my lens for human-kind’s newest members, I couldn’t resist saying yes to this adorable pup.  Besides, puppies and babies are the stuff of dreams and endless smiles, are they not? Fun Fact: apparently they are the most common update on Facebook newsfeeds too!

Toronto Photography Mini Sessions

Lisa Tait Photography’s first-ever Valentine Mini Sessions were a total blast and came in a rainbow of subjects:  from vivacious toddlers to mother-daughter duets to rambunctious puppy dogs.  Tons of fun was had by all but if I were to take a poll, I think the big hit at every session was the bubbles (ok, maybe it was the Hershey Kisses – but it was close!).  Such a delight for Valentines of all ages.  But it didn’t stop at bubbles – no!  We had ring pops, giant cookies, shiny necklaces, funny pink glasses & hats, confetti, hot chocolate and of course, hearts galore!

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Toddler 007

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Toddler 009

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Mother Daughter 010

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Child 013

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Puppy Dog 005

Toronto Valentine's Day Mini Sessions

Toronto Valentine's Day Mini Sessions

Cupid shot me right the heart just over 21-months ago:  I am incredibly lucky to have my very own muse living with me.  My bright-blue-eyed little lady will definitely be my Valentine this year (along with her pretty awesome Daddy of course 🙂 )

Who will be your Valentine?


and Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS – Super quick reminder about the 50% off canvas sale for 2013 sessions happening through Family Day.  Email me to place your order or ask any questions you have!

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Mother Daughter 011

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