Q:  Are the digital images included with your creative fees?  Why not?

A:  There are no digital files or printed images included with the session fee.  My collections include a mix of custom printed pieces for you to hold or hang as well as digital files for your archives. You may also choose to purchase the digital files on their own, but I find that my clients are happiest with custom products that they can hang on their walls or display in their homes.

It’s interesting that although this is the most photographed generation ever, many will have little-to-no printed photos in their lifetimes.  Wouldn’t it be incredible to give your baby a tangible little piece of your family’s history that they can then pass on to their baby someday? An album of your adventures together or a timeless and gorgeous framed print of them when they were little?  Pretty special.

Q:  I’m worried about stretch marks and baby weight showing in my maternity and newborn images.

A:  I take the greatest care to ensure your comfort during the session and to create images that will show off your inner glow.  I will gently and tastefully pose you to capture you at your best.  For that extra touch, we can even bring in professional hard and makeup artists who will come to the session before we shoot.  During our pre-consultation, we will chat through wardrobe ideas as well as about anything that may make you feel a little less than camera-ready.  That way, we can address these things during the shoot.  A little editing can work wonders with stretch marks too!

Q: All of the stuff we need for a new baby is really adding up – I’m not sure I can afford professional photography too (even though I really want it!)…

A: Worry not!  I’ve been there, and I am so glad that we made the investment in our own newborn & maternity images – I absolutely adore looking at the sweet little face of my first born in the wall galleries we have at home (my only regret is that I didn’t get an album made!).  After having my little ones, I realized that so much of the stuff babies need is only really used for a few months. Photographs, on the other hand, last forever. They capture a set of sweet, fleeting moments that are truly once in a lifetime.

I really appreciate that you value the art of photography and want to work with me.  I offer flexible payment plans to make sure you can still have the photography experience you’ve been dreaming of.  We will structure your experience, your session(s) and your payment plan to help you get what you really want.

Q:  My newborn is more than 10 days old – is it too late?  When should I book my maternity + newborn sessions?

A: I strongly recommend that you try to book your maternity and newborn sessions in advance so that I can reserve your time.  For maternity sessions, that is usually between 32-36 weeks and for newborns the best window is about 7-12 days old.  Having said that, it is always worth getting in touch to see if there has been a cancellation.  A baby that is only a week old is a little more sleepy and can be a little easier to work with.  With an older baby, we will likely miss the sleepy newborn shots, but we can try!  Additionally, we can always focus more on the lifestyle elements of the shoot.

If you’ve missed the newborn stage, I would recommend booking a session for when they are around 3-4 months – they are still quite little and cute but past some of the awkward baby acne etc. that can strike earlier.  After that, 6-8 months old and sitting up is a great time for a session.  This is a hilariously cute age and they are usually full of giggles (it’s one of my fave ages to photograph!).  And of course the big O-N-E!  After that, I encourage families to consider planning annual photography sessions – especially when their little ones are five and under.  They grow and change so much in those first five years and I for one treasure having those tender moments to look back on (… while I sob into my pillow!).

Q:  I’ve seen lots of photographs of babies hanging from a tree branch on Pinterest – do you do that?

A: If you have had a look through my portfolio, then you may notice that there aren’t any images of newborns hanging from tree branches or perched on top of a stack of suitcases. I’ve found that what really speaks to me and my clients is a simple image of a sweet new baby in her first home and with her new family.

I do offer the option of using a handful of tasteful props for newborn shoots. I like to use pieces that enhance the natural loveliness of your little one, not distract from her. Especially if there is something that is special to you – a hand-knit pair of booties, a teddy bear etc.

Q:  Is newborn photography safe?

A:  I’m glad you asked.  It’s important that you ask this of your newborn photographer, as there are many to choose from.  My number one goal is the comfort and safety of mama & baby.  I make sure everything is hygienically cleaned – from sheets to wraps to props, as well as my own two hands.  I take every precaution to make sure your new baby is safe in each shot.  From time to time, I may ask a parent to be nearby in case I need an extra pair of hands to settle or keep close to the baby. I also invest in my education. I am constantly improving my tricks of the trade when it comes to setting up a shot.  Lastly, I’ve had three newborns myself! Of course, I’ve had lots of experience handling my own newborns and I’ve also had the privilege to photograph many other brand new babies ♥  Experience definitely helps!

Q: Why should I choose Lisa Tait Photography?

A:  Great question!  There are lots of photographers out there to choose from these days.  If you haven’t already, take a look at some of my work.  How does it make you feel?  Do you like the warm colours and the joy that comes through?  Or perhaps it is the detail of a squishy pair of newborn lips or tiny toes that snags your attention.

I’m pretty fun to work with too, if I do say so myself!  A photography session should be relaxed and you should feel comfy with the person behind the camera.  I spend lots of time with you before during and after the shoot so that we have a chance to get to know each other.  And it’s not uncommon to find me sipping a latte and swapping mama stories with my clients in-between shoots 😉  I love hanging with families and telling their stories – I am so privileged to be able to call this my “job”.

I am also a bit obsessed with the products I offer – I would only ever give my clients options that I myself am over the moon about.  I am so proud to have these museum-quality boutique frames in my line up (I could honestly go on about these for days) and I’ve recently switched to a local book-maker for the most darling albums I have ever seen (or felt!).  I can’t wait for you to see your images on your walls or hand-bound in gorgeous custom books – you will be blown away.

If my images speak to you and you feel it in your heart, I’m the right choice for you! It’s as simple as that.

Q:  I have a baby registry and I would love to add your services – is that possible?

A:  Yes!  If you don’t have a registry yet, I would recommend checking out BabyList.com which is an e-version of a traditional baby registry. That means you don’t have to register everything at the same store and you can add anything you want…including newborn photography

Q:  Eeek.  Something happened to the prints we sent to our family over-seas!  Is it too late to request a few reprints?  

A:  Not to worry!  I keep your selected images on file for at least one year after the date of your shoot.  Typically, I have them for much longer than this but because of persnickety technology, I only guarantee backups will be safe for the first year.  There is a minimum re-order purchase requirement of $150.

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