W e couldn't believe how Lisa turned an ordinary urban park space into something that felt like our own little world. Lisa captured our family perfectly, and the final product exceeded our expectations! scott & alison

The Experience

You’re here!  Welcome.  You’ve taken the first step towards creating bespoke heirlooms for your children to look back on and for you to delight in.  I want the rest of this process to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.  It’s tough to make time to do something special like this – especially when life is so busy.  As my yoga teacher always says, “…take a moment to be grateful to yourself for doing what you needed to do to find your mat today.”


Our relationship begins with our very first conversation, although if you have had a chance to peek through some of my website, you may feel like you already know me a little bit!  We chat either over the phone or over a hot cup of something in our pre-session consultation.  We work together to design your dream session with special attention paid to the end game: how would you like to enjoy your images?  I’ll walk you through all of the options in advance.  If we are able to meet in person, then you’ll be able to touch and feel the beautiful ways to display your images – from hand-bound heirloom albums to a selection of stunning wood frames made with museum-quality glass and matting. You’ll have another chance to take a look at the products in our viewing and ordering appointment, so not to worry if you don’t get to see them in person the first time around.  You will also be able to see them in the Studio Lookbook either in-studio or online.  You’ll be fantasizing about how they will look in your home either way!

Once we’ve confirmed a date for your session (or approximate date for newborn sessions!), I’ll deliver a welcome kit to you that has all of the information you may want at your fingertips.  We will be in touch again to discuss your session location (in my studio, in your home or on location) and talk through any questions you may have.  I’ve also had many clients send me pics of their outfit options the day before their session – I am here to help anytime!


Whether it’s a maternity, newborn or family session, the shoot itself is lots of fun for everyone!  We will take our time, in the beginning, to get warmed up and to give any littles a chance to relax and be themselves.  Remember, part of the reason you are doing this is to have a little window into what your family was like at this moment – crazy, wonderful, imaginative, kids and all!  So please don’t worry about your little ones not listening or getting a little too excited – this is totally normal and all part of the process – in fact, this often creates some of the most interesting, beautiful and truthful moments of the session.  I’ve got three little, spirited ladies myself so I am totally ready for it!  And although it may not be ideal when you are in line at the grocery store, when we are shooting your session, you can have a little fun with it.  It’s time to let go and have a great time as a family together.  I’m not one to shy away from bribery either and have been known to bring a little something as an incentive if any enticing is required – pre-approved by you of course!  Before we know it, it will be time to say goodbye – for now – and I’ll be off to begin the tough job of sorting through your session to select the best photos for you to relish.


Then, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here!  About three weeks after your shoot, we will get together again for your viewing and ordering night.  Either in the studio or in your home (whichever is more convenient for you), you’ll have a chance to enjoy viewing all of the lightly retouched images from your session (minimum 25 depending on the session – sometimes more).  It’s important to have all decision-makers present as we will be selecting products and images together.  I typically have a few other perks to throw in at this point as well so there is even more to look forward to!  Once I’ve received your payment, we’ll say goodnight and I’ll be on my way to get started creating your art.


About 3-4 weeks later (sometimes a little longer for albums), your heirlooms will be ready for delivery or pickup (depending on your location).  I’ll give you a ring or email to make arrangements for you to take home your dazzling pieces.


Our story ends there but fear not – this doesn’t have to be goodbye!  Many families come back to create new images as their family grows and evolves.  I take that into consideration and design with that in mind.  Together, we will make sure to leave room for the potential of additional frames to add to your wall gallery or an additional album that will charm you for years to come.

Sound good? Let’s tell your story!

xo Lisa

Lisa has a special knack with children, so my daughter and I both enjoyed the experience in a relaxed atmosphere. When I saw the images, I was so touched to see that Lisa had captured my little girl’s personality!

Gabrielle & Michael

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