Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Roald Dahl

There is magic in childhood. 

Be honest: when is the last time that you were in a photo with your kids that wasn’t a selfie?  I hear you.  I am with you.  We are busy mamas - one in preschool and another on the way… playdates, gymnastics class, grande lattes and a yoga class or cat nap (on your desk) if you’re lucky…emails, meetings, pick up, dinner, bedtime stories.  pass out (usually in bed next to your littles).  

wash. rinse. repeat.

We are in this together and we need to celebrate each other - because we are mamas and we are awesome. Your partner knows it.  Your children know it. And they’ll want to remember it.  Those hazy days of being carried on your back while you chat with the local bookstore owner as you pick up another birthday present while he reaches for all of the tantalizing playthings that hang near by.  

She’ll want to  know how small she was in your arms and see the look of puppy love in your eyes during her first days in the world.  He knows you love him more than life itself, but he wants to be reminded when he is off on his own - first sleep away camp…college…starting a family for himself. 

You feel frazzled and under-slept and would like to get to they gym just a few more times before getting in front of a camera, but the truth is that they love you and all of your wobbly bits.  Be present.  Be visible.  They will thank you for it.  I promise.

So what are you waiting for? Let the wild rumpus start!

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