Big questions and big feelings often come up during this season. These are the moments to capture in your maternity session. That’s nature, baby. And we can immortalize this universal connection by showcasing your resplendent, maternal self out in nature as it was intended… in breathtaking, local nature-scapes.  

And then… emergence. How is it possible to have this compulsion to give your life for this small, wiggly being when you’ve never even experienced a love like this before?

That is what we are after in our understated, minimal in-studio newborn sessions. Part of how we do that is to get you over your insecurities of being in front of the camera so soon after giving birth. We work with only the best hair and makeup artists in town to help you shine from the inside-out. We give you the keys to our tastefully curated collection of dresses so you don’t have to think twice about what to wear before OR after you’ve given birth. We also work with a one-in-a-million doula who’s life mission it is to help postpartum mamas feel truly held during this forth trimester. She can be part of your support team during your time with me to manage older siblings or just be with baby so you can rejuvenate and enjoy your experience with us. 

We will hold your hand from beginning to end so that you can do less and have more during this sacred and fleeting time. You will be able to look up at your walls and feel the love and the sacrifice and the beauty of this time. These special, framed, fine art heirlooms will be cherished adored during your lifetime and your children’s life time - complete with secret love notes you can leave your children and future grandchildren tucked neatly away on the back of the frame, ensuring the legacy of your love for your children lives on forever. 

Early days of motherhood in pregnancy can seem both mystical and exhausting at the same time. Who is this little bean in your belly and how is this whole thing gonna go down on the other side of this? 

A dreamy motherhood experience that will empower and delight you.

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Lisa Tait Photography

I can help you realize this vision and step into it with passion and grace. 

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Lisa has a unique eye and is the most creative person I know. I never thought I could feel so beautiful at 36 weeks pregnant! She was also so great with my newborn; I couldn’t have been more comfortable in front of the camera at 10 days postpartum.

" I never thought I could feel so beautiful"

The Reviews:

Kerry & Jamie



Right from the start she creates a tailored experience that helps you develop a session that is right for your family. And she supports you in developing a mood, wardrobe and, afterward, a plan for how to display the work in your home. Her products are beautiful and the custom works of art you receive are truly remarkable. Lisa Tait photography is worth every penny.

"The custom works of art you receive are truly remarkable."

The Reviews:

tonya & stephen



Holy (insert expletive here!)!  I cried.  Totally blown away.  I knew they would be good - of course - but this is beyond my expectations.

"I cried.  Totally blown away."

The Reviews:

lindsay & ian

Bespoke Packaging

Custom Cards

fine art albums

wall galleries

Story-telling on your walls or in a custom-bound storybook is at the heart of what we do.  We live for tactile, fine art prints with delicate torn-edges, romantic frames put-together by hand, complete with dust-covers and wee bumpers to protect your artwork and your walls and soft, leather-wrapped books



The session fee is $350 (+ tax).

To give you an idea, my clients usually spend anywhere from about $1500 and up when they work with me.

We also offer an interest-free payment plan so that you can walk alway with everything you want. Lots of options available.

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All bespoke artwork and full resolution digital files for your archives are available to purchase à la carte so that you may purchase only what you absolutely love. 

The Motherhood Collective Membership includes your choice of 3 or 4 sessions over an 18-month period.


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