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Hello and welcome to your Picture Day viewing page!

I am thrilled that I had the chance to come back to Beaches Montessori after such a tough year – I missed seeing all of those adorable faces last year! And this year was worth the wait – I can’t wait for you to see your beautiful kiddos!

On this page you’ll find a short video walking you through the steps to view and order your photos along with some other important information as well as a link directly to the viewing gallery.


The gallery will be open for ordering for (3) THREE DAYS ONLY. Please place your orders by Thursday June 10th @ midnight.

Print orders will not be available after this date. All print orders are submitted to my print lab at the same time to keep costs low which then allows me to pass on these lower prices to you.

Viewing & Ordering

To view your child’s school photos, just click “take me to the gallery” at the bottom of the page.  Once you enter the gallery, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your child’s class (e.g. Casa Main)
  • Navigate to your child’s individual album
  • Have fun looking at all of their gorgeous photos!
  • Order framed prints, prints, digital files and more by clicking on the “buy photo” button right from your album (detailed instructions in the video below)

A note on gallery sizes: some little ones are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions and some are more reserved. This is why some kids have more photos in their galleries than others.  It’s totally normal 😊

You’ll find class photos in albums labeled by the class name, e.g. “CASA MAIN” (these albums are located right inside the class album of the same name) as well as an album labelled “EXTRAS” which includes a handful of images outside of the usual class photos. You are welcome to order prints from these galleries as well. You’ll be able to order these under “Add-On Prints.”

Please note – there is a minimum gallery order of $45


Beaches Montessori is truly a family school – there are quite a few siblings that attend together! So of course, we made sure to capture these connections too. You’ll see that there is an entire folder dedicated to “SIBLINGS” where you will find individual albums of all of the siblings. You may purchase prints and digital files directly from those albums as well.

Cropping Guide + Info

I’ve also included a cropping guide so that you can take a look before you browse. This is especially helpful when ordering your class photo. Hot tip: some class photos won’t work well as an 8×10 – you may be disappointed in what gets cut off the edges. To make things even easier, you’ll see there is a cropping option right in the shopping cart after you select your photo – double check your class photo crop before you buy. I’ll walk you through this in the video below 😉

New This Year: Wall Galleries!

I’ve decided to add 3 wall galleries to the mix this year. This is normally something that I reserve for my newborn and family clients, but given the year that we’ve all had (including the lack of ability to work with photographers!) – I thought I would add this as an option for anyone interested. I’ll list them below for you to check out, but you can also find all of this in your gallery.

All of these galleries feature the same modern, minimalist gallery white frames. Part of the beauty of a minimal style gallery is that it is easy to update and always in style.

Please note: these prices are for Photo Day only.


Choose two of your favourite poses of your little one – maybe one silly and one lovely?  It’s up to you!  This duo will look good just about anywhere and will last a lifetime and beyond.

Siblings?  Why not do one of each?

HOT TIP: if there happens to be another little one or older one in the fam, you can always add another 10 x10 to make it a triptych or add two more to make it a photo booth style gallery 😉


A beautiful triptych: choose (1) 20 x 24 (landscape/horizontal crop) and (2) 16 x 20 (portrait/vertical crop) frames of your little one to display a classic gallery with modern portraiture. A lovely or serious one in the middle with two lighter ones on the sides!

This is another great option for siblings – one of them together in the middle and just them on the sides. 

HOT TIP: if there happens to be another little one or older one in the fam, you can always add another 20 x 24 of them and hang them in a square – see images for details. 


Choose (4) images in 16×16 frames of your little one to display a super fun and timeless-at-the-same-time photo booth style gallery!  This is also a great option for siblings – two of each kiddo.  

HOT TIP: if there happens to be another little one or older one in the fam, you can always add two more images of them whenever you like to make a gallery of 6.

Video Instructions

Lastly, in order to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you, I’ve created a little video for you that will show you how to place your orders and hopefully address all of your questions. Of course, if you do still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by emailing

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