April 29, 2019

This handsome little dude turns ONE!




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This is one of those posts that *should* have been done a long while ago.  Especially since he is turning two in a couple of months *facepalm*. Instead, I am choosing to be gracious with myself and am posting it now. Better late than never! 

Side note: by the power vested in me by the internet, I hereby give you permission to give yourself grace for something that is weighing on you right now. 💗

And really, he is so darn cute I couldn’t not post this.  This is my one and only nephew – isn’t he a sweetheart??  He is the only boy to my three little women in our family and we all love him to bits.  It’s still hard for me to believe that my little sister has a little person of her own… I guess that is just what happens in life, hey?  Time flies.

Back to my nephew – he was an absolute dream during this session.  His big, hazel eyes seem to peer right into your heart through the camera lens. He was just so good-natured through the whole session.  I have to admit, since A) he is my nephew and B) the camera was loving him, this session went a tad longer than expected.  I took a LOT of photos.  

This is something I am working on.  When you love what you do and you are in your flow, it is really easy to get caught up in the moment and keep shooting away.  Especially young kiddos – it can take them a while to warm up so once they do, it’s so much fun!  

I am learning.  Now, I set timers to help me stay on track. 😉 What do you do to help yourself stay on task? Any tips for this mama?

xo Lisa

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